an outline family history


W.R. Loosemore (1923 - 2007)

To John Loosemore the 17th century organ-builder who unknowingly started it all and Maureen who suffered the consequences with understanding and good humour. First published in August 1987 in 4 bound copies for family and friends.

Now published on the web for all.

26th December 2006:
This research programme was initiated late in 1970 and continued actively from that time, until early 2006. I am happy to acknowledge the co-operation from my friend and colleague Victor Loosemore over the period from the early 1980s until 2004. Now I also intend to cease further work.

The family tree containing more than 8200 names, together with all the supporting text (Chapters 1-11 and Appendices), will remain in the hope that others will find it of interest, but there will be no further updates.