Loosemore family tree
W.Ronald Loosemore & Victor Loosemore

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Loosemore, with its derived spelling variants, is believed to be a unitary family, whose earliest known mention in official records occurs in AD1232 (Chap.3 of main text) in Oakford parish, North Devon. This tree summarises present progress in an attempt to link all known Loosemores from about AD1520. At present most of the 8124 individuals in the main database are linked in one of four main groups which, however, are unlinked from each other, i.e. their ancestors have no known parents. The four ancestors are Thomas Losemore (Chap.4), William Lowsemore (Chaps.5,6,7), John Lowsemore (Chap.8), Aaron Luesmore (Chap. 9); their names will be found in the Index. Chap.10 concerns two further ancestors, Robbart Loosemore and Henry Loosmore, heading smaller independent groups whose members also appear in the tree; their names and those of their known descendants are indexed here. In addition, numbers of isolated, currently unlinked, Loosemore names occur early in several North Devon parish church registers; they are not included here.
To enter the tree at any chosen surname, click on Index, select first letter of surname, scroll down to the surname, click it, scroll down to the required forename & click it to display the family card. Then click the person's surname to list full details, including a unique identification number for each person on the card. Search for a spouse, if known, to avoid ambiguity from common Loosemore forenames.
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Detailed information on individuals, added as Notes (Miscellaneous, Census, Wills, Legal, Military) in the full database, has been excluded from this summary tree, which will be updated from time to time. Last updated 27 November 2006.

IMPORTANT: The primary object of this tree has been to provide information of interest to all members of the extended Loosemore family, without giving offence to anyone. E&OE