PCC 45 Mellershe [1]

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the holly and moste glorius Trynyty three persons and one God amen I George Lusmore of Tiverton in the countie of Devon clothier being at this present visited by the almyghtie hande of God with sickness am thereby putt yn remembraunce to ordaine and provide with myselfe to leave and forsake this mortall worlde when so ever hit shall please all mightie God to send his messenger for me humbly submittinge my selfe to his infinite mercy. And therfore I doe by these presentes beinge of sound and parfect remembraunce declare ordaine and make this my laste will and testamente yn manner and forme followinge that ys to saye

Firste and principally I commend my sowle ynto the hands of the moste glorius Trynytie beleivinge by the deth and merryts of the seconde person my Savior Jesus Christe to have free pardon and forgivenes of my synnes and as for my boddie I will that hit be buried with yn the churche where hit shall please God to call me to his mercie. At the which buriall I will that my executor shall deale and distribute to the poore people in reddy money 20s. or more as he shall thinke good.

Item I will that all debts and duties which I owe of righte or conscience to any person or persons be well and truly payd by myne executor herafter named as shortley after my decease as conveniently may be.

Item I will that Ebbott my wyef shall have to her owne use all such howshold stuff as she brought unto me. And also I will that my saide wyef shall have to her owne use toe hundreth fortie and three poundes yn reddy monney to be payed to her of my debts as thet shalbe recovered for and yn full recompence of suche monney as I have hadd and received of her father and frends by reason of marriage had betwene us or other wyse.

Item I will and bequeath to Lewes my brother 40.

Item to Edy Lusmore my syster 20.

Item wheras I stande charged to paye to Thomas Pollarde 5 by reason of the laste will of my said wyves father I will that my executor yn recompence of the said legacie and more of my gifte shall paye to the said Thomas 6.

Item I will that all the charges of my sicknes here yn London shalbe borne of myn owne goodes and my father to be yn no wyse charged therwith. The residue of all my goodes chatalls and debts my debts payed funeralls donne and my legaces performed I doe give and bequeath full and hole to Roberte Lusmore my brother whome I ordaine and make my sole executor of this my last will. In witnes wherof to these presentes I have sett my seale geven the 24 daye of Marche anno domini 1559 at Anno secundo Elizabetha Regina etc.

George Lusmore the yonger.

These persons herafter named beinge presente and beringe testimoniall of the premisses withyn. Robert Krothed, John Deyman, Anthony Hygons notary publique.

Probate granted 30 August 1560 to Robert Lusmore.


[1] The will is deposited at the FRC, London, ref. PROB 11/43. See also main text, Chapter 4.