DEVON, husbandman

PCC 13 Sainberbe [1]

Made 10 July 1583

Item to the poore mens box of Bishopps Nymet 5s.;

Item to every of my godchildren 6s.8d a peece;

Item to Johan Domeade my daughter 6s.8d, and to every one of her children a lamb a peece;

Item I give and bequeath unto Emote my wife my best bed with all the furniture thereto belonginge and also a pair of sheets my best board cloth and six silver spoons and the brasen panne she brought with her and twoe of my best candlesticks and my best ridinge beast be yt geldinge or mare at her pleasure;

Item I bequeath to Gregory Pytman a lamb;

Item I give to Henry Lousmore my sonne my plough geare and furniture for tenne oxen and also my iron bound wheeles and my waine;

Item whereas my sonne John Lousmore brought unto me of the gifte and bequoth of his grand-father Henry Moll a brasen crock and half a dozen of silver spoones and for sheetes and other stuff that was solde to the value of seven poundes of English money in consideracon thereof, I give to the saide John my sonne the same brasen crock and the same half dozen of silver spoones and for his said seven poundes I give him eight poundes of lawfull English money Also a bolster a pair of blanketts a doublet six sheepe and a heyfer of two years age And so mine Executors and Administrators to be clearly discharged of all the stuff and things which he brought into my custody and of all other things;

Item I give unto my sonne in lawe John Westren eight bushells of rye and eight bushells of otes And to Agnes his wife my daughter an heyfer And to John their sonne tenne shillings And to Elizabeth their daughter twenty shillings;

Item I give unto Gregory my sonne my best panne and a ridinge beast;

Item I will that all my goodes and chattells as well within the dores as without the dores excepte all such things as are before given and bequeathed, All the rest shalbe devided into three severall parts of which I give unto Emote my wife one part of the said three parts she to take shayre so that she shall all things to her given and bequeathed by this my last will freely and clearly

         And the other two partes of the said three parts I give and bequeath unto Henry Peter and Gregory my sonnes to be equally devided amongst them and out of their parts I will all the charges and expenses of my buriall shalbe itemised and paide

Item I bequeath unto every of my sonne Henry’s children 6s.8d a peece the same to be paide to them out of his parte to him given and bequeathed.  Also I will that my sonne Henry shall permitt and suffer Emote my wife and her son Gregory to dwell in the kytchin now belonginge to my tenement for one whole yeare next after my decease without payinge any rente for the same and also shall allow her pasturage herbage grassfield goinge haye and howse roome winter and sommer for two kyne and twelve sheepe to be ordered no worse than my sonne Henrys dothe and shall use his owne kyne and sheepe and fare no worse than his owne shall fare without any fraude or deceit for one whole yeare next after my decease without payinge any rente for the same

         And if he refuse to do these things aforesaid, Then he shall paye to my said wife five poundes of ready money.

All the rest of my goodes, chattells, debts and ready money not given and bequeathed I give and bequeath to Gregory my sonne whom I make my sole Executor, And I make and ordaine rulers and overseers to see this my last will to be performed Robert Vicharye of Kipiscott [2] Gregory Bowden John Westren my sonne in lawe and Andrew Maninge And to each of them I give for their paines three shillings fowre pence a peece wytnesses to this persons will are Robert Sabot Clerk Curate of Bishopps Nymett the writer hereof Thomas Towte and John Westren alias Driller.

Probate 5 February [3] granted to Gregory Lousmore, son.


[1] The will is deposited at the FRC, London, ref. PROB 11/77.  See also main text, Chapter 5

[2] Kipscott Barton farm today is approx. 1 mile north-east of Kerscot.

[3] i.e. 5 February 1583/4.