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Hic jacet Spe Resurrectionis Johannes Loosmore, quondam Decano & Capitulo Hujus Ecclesiae Curator fidelissimus.  Et inter Artifices sui Generis facile Princeps, sit Organum hoc augustum prope situm Perpetuum illius Artis et Ingenii Monumentum.  Obiit 18° Aprilis An: 1681 Aeta suae 68.

Hic etiam eadem spe lactae Resurrectionis resquiescunt Exuriae Johannis Shearme qui ejusdem praedicti Johannis Loosmore suit Gener tanto dignissimus quanto Artis et Ingenii Haeres peritissimus necnon in eadem Curatione Successor fidelissimus.  Sit organum igitur hoc augustus prope situm perpetuum Utriusque Artis et Ingenii Monumen.  Obiit 12 Julii Anno Salutis 1686.

Hic etiam jacet Johannes Shearme praedicti Johannis Filius spei…qui febro correptus placide in Domino obdermuit 17 Die Julii Aetatis 19 Anno Dni, 1693.


Translation by A Freeman [2]

“Here lies in hope of the Resurrection, John Loosmore sometime the very faithful Keeper [Curator] to the Dean and Chapter of this Church and easily the chief amongst craftsmen of his kind.  May this majestic organ placed nearby, be a perpetual monument of his Art and Genius.  He died April 18th, 1681 in the 68th year of his age.

Here also lies, in the same hope of a happy Resurrection, the remains of John Shearme, who was the son-in-law of the same before-mentioned John Loosmore, as much distinguished in art and skill as in steadfastness of character and a most faithful successor in the same Curatorship.  Therefore may this noble organ placed nearby be a perpetual Monument to their Art and Genius.  He died 12 July AD 1686.

Here also lies John, son of the aforesaid John Shearme, a youth of the highest promise, who, cut off by fever, passed peacefully away in the Lord on July 17th, AD 1693, in the 19th year of his life.”


[1] See Chapter 6, section headed “Finale”.

[2] See The Organ, vi, 1926, 104