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Losemore, Walter

Langport Eastover, Somerset

58 Swann

pr. 25 Jun 1623 to Marjorie Loosmore


Loosemore, George

Langport Eastover,

not reg.

pr. 16 Nov to Philip Langford & Wm Bennett


Loosemore, Margaret (wid)

Langport Eastover

17 Evelyn

pr. 12 Feb 1640/1 by son Gregory


Loosemore, Andrew

Langport Eastover

91 Grey

pr. 13 May 1651 to John & Joan Fido, children of brother David Fido


Loosemore, William, husbandman

Selworthy, Som.

71 Pell

pr. 16 Feb 1658/9 to Barbara Loosemore, relict and executor


Loosemore, Gregory, woollen draper

Langport Eastover

96 Coke

pr. 18 Aug 1669 to Robert Stuckey


Terrill, William, cardmaker

Langport Eastover,

42 Fairfax

pr. 26 Apr 1649 to Barbara Terrett als Leasmore, wid.


The following partial transcripts of the above seven wills include all essential information, omitting only preliminary formalities, repetitive phrases and details of some minor legacies.  My editorial comments are included within […].


1.     1623 Walter Losemore                                  58 Swann                 PRO PROB11/141

        made 1623 [no day/month]

“To be buried in the churchyard of Langporte East Over [2] parish;

        Item     to the parish church                             3s.4d

        Item     to the poore of the towne                     3s.4d

        Item     to my sonne George Losmore              £15

        Item     to my sonne Gregorie Losemore          £15

        Item     to my daughter Mary Losemore           £10

        Item     to my daughter Margret Losmore         £10

        Item     to my daughter Jone Losmore              £10

        Item     to my brother Francis                          6s.8d

        … yf either of these children chance to dye before mariage or age be [the copyist must have omitted words here – the sense is that if any die before reaching 21 years] that then his or her porcon to be devided amongst the rest of my children and further my will is that my wife Margerie Losmore to be my executrix and if she live unmaried these childrens portions to remaine at her use for to helpe to breed them and furthermore I apointe my brother George Losmore and my brother-in-law John Gamlin to be overseers…carefully to see the same performed…and 3s.4d to each, Walter Losmore.  signed Thomas X Walch John Bracford and George Loosmore.”

        Probate granted 25 June 1623 to Marg’ie Loosmore.


2.     1641 George Loosemore of Langport Eastover,                             [not registered]

        Pr. November 16 by Philip Langford and William Bennett [3]


3.     1641 Margerie Loosemore                            17 Evelyn                 PROB11/185

        made 13 September 1641

“I Margery Loosemore of Langport Eastover in the County of Somersett within the Diocese of Bath & Wells widdow…My body to be buried in the churchyard of Langport

        Item     to the church 6s.8d

        Item     to the poore of Langport 6s.8d

        Item     to my brother Nicklas Kerby 20s. upon the consideracon that hee shall buy with it a cloake or a coate

        Item     to Edmond Nourse [Nurse] 10s

        Item     to Elizabeth Nourse the wife of Edmond Nourse my best Wastcoate

        Item     to the said Elizabeth Nourse twoe single kercheifs & one pantlett & one white Apron

        Item     to Giles Cope £4.10s.

        Item     to George Cope the sonne of Giles Cope £12 to be put to increase for him the said George untill he comes to the age of one & twenty yeares
And my will is that my sonne Gregory Loosemore and John Gamlyne of Aller shall have the dealing of it for him untill he come to the age of one and twenty yeares as aforesaid And if he the said George shall happen to dye before he come to the age of one and twenty yeares then my will is that the said twelve pounds shall be equally devided betwixt Mary Cope and Joane Cope his sisters

        Item     unto Mary Cope the daughter of Giles Cope £5 And the same to be imployed for the use of the said Mary and Joane by Gregory Loosemore and Thomas Gamlin ye sonne of John Gamline untill the said Mary and Joane shall come to be one and twenty yeares of age and […if either die before 21 the other to have her portion; if both die before 21] then my will is that their porcons shall come to George Cope to be for his proper use and behofe when hee come to be of the age of one and twenty yeares

        Item     unto the 4 sonnes of John Gamlin 20s. a peece

        Item     unto Margaret Gamline the wife of John Gamlin one fether pillowe

        Item     unto Elizabeth Nourse the wife of Edmond Nourse one fether pillowe

        Item     unto Nichlas Kerby one fether pillowe

        Item     unto George Cope the sonne of Giles Cope one fetherbed and one fether boulster and one fether pillowe and one standing bedstead and one coverlett one blankett

        Item     unto Marie Cope the wife of Giles Cope my daughter my best red petticoat and my second best petticoat and my safeguard and my second best brass caldron my second best brass croke and my second best brass pann and one dinner napkinge and one canvas napkinge and one red whittle and my best hatt and halfe my pewter

        Item     unto Marie Cope the daughter of Giles Cope one little Chase

        Item     after my bequeathes contented my debtes payd my buryinge done All the rest of my goodes movable and unmovable I give and bequeath unto my sonne Gregorie Loosemore whom I make my sole executor¼witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the day and yeare above written.

The mark of Margery Loosemore/ John Ballson [Bellson?], Giles Cope, Edward Bromly,”

                   Pr. 12 Feb 1641/2 to Gregory Loosemore son and executor.


4.     1651 Andrew Loosemore                              91 Grey                    PROB11/216

        made 27 February 1649

“…made before John Wetherall senior and John Wetherall junior

        Item     it is my will to be buried in Hewish Church chauncell by my father and mother

        Item     unto the sayd church one pound

        Item     unto my sister Ball five pounds and my Ringe and it is my will that if my sister Ball shall happen to dye…then it is my will that the five pounds and my ringe shall remayne to my executors

        Item     unto three freindlesse children of Langport one pound a peece

        Item     the names of the children Thos: Tresyour and Michaell…and Joane Evans the child of Edward Evans

        Item     for my coffin one pound

        Item     unto William Feash [Fish?] tenn shillinges

        Item     unto John Witherall 10s.

        Item     unto my brother John Fidoes sonne Walter £5

        Item     unto Edward Dolmans children of Aller 10s. a peece

        Item     unto Will: Balls two children 2s.6d a peece

        Item     it is my will that my brother David Fidoes sonne John and his daughter Joane shall be my executors”

                   Pr. 13 May 1651 by John Fido and Joan Fido executors.


5.     1659 William Loosemore [4]                              71 Pell                     PROB11/287


        “Be it remembred that William Loosemore has whiles hee lived of the parish of Selworthy within the county of Somersett husbandman revealing a serious desire and intention to settle and dispose of his estate did…particularly upon this thirtieth day of December 1658 utter and declare his last will and testament…in effect and substance followeinge:

First he gave to his cosen John Sulbey his wearing apparrell throughout except his best cloake bootes and spurres which he did give to his cosen David Loosemore of Dulverton

Also hee gave his…all the rest of his goods within doors and without hee did give and bequeath to Barbara his wife whom he meant and appoynted his whole executor of his last will and testament which words or the like in effect and substance were by him spoken and declared in the presence of credible witnesses whose names are subscribed hereunder…“

        Pr. 16 Feb 1658/9 to Barbara Loosemore, relict and executor.


6.     1669 Gregorie Loosemore                            96 Coke                   PROB11/330

        made 24 May 1669

“I Gregory Loosemore of Langport Eastover woollen draper…christian buriall in the churchyard of Langport as neare my father as conveniently I may

        Item     to the church of Langport 40s … which summe shall ever remaine to the church and the yearly income of it to be imployed towards the maintenance

        Item     to the poore of Langport 40s.

        Item     my neice Mary Stott the wife of Oliver Stott £10

        Item     my executor to pay my loving friends Robert Puddy and John Isham £100 to be imployed to the best benefitt of my neice Mary Stotts children which she shall have at the tyme of my decease…the yearly income to be paid during their minority to such persons…as shall have the maintenance of them…the £100 to be paid to such of them as reach 21…[if any die, their share to be divided amongst the others]

        Item     my kinsman William Vincent £10

        Item     my cosen Aron [Aaron?] Loosmore £10

        Item     my cosen Richard Nurse 40s.

        Item     my kinsman Robert Collens

        Item     my kinsman William Furse [definitely NOT Nurse]

        Item     David Blissitt 40s.

        Item     Margery Cliston widdow 40s.

        Item     my god-daughter Margarett Lanone daughter of Edward Lanone £5

        Item     my god-daughter William Gamlins daughter £5

        Item     my godson William Vincent the sonne of William Vincent £5 to be paid to his father for his use

        Item     to my cosen Mary Stott one feather bedd the second best two feather boulsters one blankett one rugg and coverlet one standing whole bedstaed with an…tester belonging to it one table board and frame that standeth over the shoppe one little chest my great brass [?] buckett one dozen…of pewter…one pewter candlestick

        Item     whereas I stand possessed of an estate for 99 years if Mary Stott doth live soe longe in the house wherein I now live…I give my estate to my cosen Joane Stuckey the now wife of Robert Stuckey

        Item     whereas I stand seised of a free burgage in Langport Eastover I give the same unto the said Joane Stuckey and her heirs for ever

        Item     unto my said cosen William Vincent my best riding coate and my holland shirt

        Item     unto my said cosen Aron Loosemore all my wearing apparell except it be what I have before given my cosen William Vincent

        Item     All the rest to my cosen Robert Stuckey my sole executor

        The mark of Gregory Loosemore signed sealed and declared in the presence of us

                   Jeffery Bishopp Thomas Crossman”

        Pr. 18 August 1669 to Robert Stuckey


7.     1649 William Terrill                                     42 Fairfax                PROB11/207;

        made 20 March 1640

“I William Terrill of Langport Eastover Cardmaker …

        Item     to William Terrill my sonne                  )                              [each bequeathed various
        Item     to John Terrill my sonne                      )                              household goods; no other
        Item     to Roger Terril my sonne                     )                              legatees or names]
        Item     to Barbara Terrill my wife my free burgage for her life, then to my sonne William”

        Pr. 26 April 1649 to Barbara Terrill relicta with a marginal note “alias Lusmore” [5] .


[1] These Wills, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the highest ecclesiastical court in the archdiocese of Canterbury, are now (2002) held at the Family Records Centre, Myddleton St., London.  See main text, Chapter 9, section “Loosemore of Langport”.

[2] “Langport Eastover” is so named to distinguish it from “Langport Westover” in the parish of Curry Rivel.  It is almost surrounded by Huish Episcopi parish.  For further details of the parish see Somerset Victoria County History, vol.3, p16.

[3] This Will, not having been registered, does not now exist.  It is assumed to be the will of George, brother of Walter.

[4] This Will is non-cupative, i.e. was not certified by the testator, but spoken in the presence of witnesses who certify the text.

[5] In the PCC index at FRC the surnames Terrill and Lusmore are incorrectly given as Terrett and Leasmore.